Elliot Hughes

Software Engineer @ Google
London, UK


Senior software engineer with 9 years of experience in businesses from hedge funds to reinsurance to big-tech.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Google. I work on making it possible to bring new Play Store policies to developers with minimal engineering time but with the best possible developer experience. Mixed in are detours to urgent projects, which is great because I'm at my best when there's a some urgency.

Previously I've lived in New York where I worked on Long-Only Equity trading systems at Winton and in Bermuda where I worked on bringing data insights to Reinsurance underwriters at Hamilton Re.

My foundational experience was when I interned in the Civil Service at MOD, Dstl (where I learned how to digest a huge heap of research papers into something useful within a day) and GDS (where I got the best code review I have ever had).

I can write code fast when needed but at other times you'll find me talking to the people in the business to make sure we're building the best thing. I like it when people tell me I've asked the right question at the right time but even better when the right call is obvious and we can build at velocity.

Recently I've been working with newer engineers to Google and I'm really enjoying learning how to best share my experience.

In my free time I ring church bells, it's surprisingly mathsy and not as related to music or churches as you might expect. Sometimes I combine it with cycling. I run a Cub Scouts group on Monday nights.