Lecturers Marking Strike

Some brief thoughts on the marking boycott, in so far as it affects students.

People are freaking out because of grade-dependent job offers. Employers are just going to have to wait to hear about marks. No other UK graduands are going to get their results before you. Assuming the boycott is in anyway effective, your employer will have to choose between hiring you or hiring nobody.

People are calling it ‘unfair’ to students. The problem with this line of argument is you are blaming the wrong people. Most of the lecturers I’ve spoken to are doing this to defend people who are paid a lot worse than they are. These are the people like the cleaners who work on low salaries and can’t afford to take action on their own.

If you want this to change you need to contact your representatives and get them to pressure the university to come to the negotiation table. This boycott is to encourage the universities to engage in a conversation. Surely everyone agrees that a conversation about this is important?

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