Ordering Issues

Posts below this one have lost their ordering where I deleted their markdown titles. I need to completely remodel the database at some point. The way I do it at the moment (which was always a quick hack) needs to be totally redone. Hopefully Go has gained a nice ORM by now.

That means your RSS reader might have gone crazy, and that the dates on the posts below are utter nonsense.

On the upside though I’ve made some design changes, and we now use SCSS, because as I experienced on my placement with GDS, it works a whole lot better.

Also posts inside GoBlog are consistently called ‘posts’. This is in anticipation of Page support coming in the next couple of days. That will mean the nav bar at the top will actually work.

Also I fixed the caching using Varnish to cache instead of nginx. That means the overengineered stack is now GoBlog -> Varnish -> Nginx. Varnish takes care of caching, nginx takes care of SSL and goblog takes care of the rest. I’m hoping at some point I can give GoBlog SSL support, then Nginx can die a death and Varnish can just pass the SSL through.

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