Soton Tab Offence and Elections Coverage

The Soton Tab’s Article was abhorrent. Encouraging objectification of female candidates was completely unacceptable. Its removal was well warranted. The editorial apology was very necessary. I greatly respect those who chose to resign their editorship over the incident.

However, I do hope we don’t allow this to prevent unbiased coverage of the event. By its very nature the Wessex Scene is unable to provide coverage free of prior restraint.

By punishing them with removal from elections coverage, or by encouraging them to not attend, we risk a hugely important aspect of journalism: Independence.

Good quality journalism that holds our sabbatical officers to account is already lacking in SUSU. The Soton Tab is often dreadful, but without it we’d be have no widely read independent source of news. Without their coverage of the event, we rely on SUSU to be honest about itself. This is a dangerous precedent. Even if I suspect that, in this case, there will be no problem.

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